We at digimazic, A Digital Image Processing Company from India, provide colorization and film restoration solutions to the television and film Industry.

We are specialized in providing solutions to the film and video archives to preserve the old and deteriorated videos and films.

We process and restore old and deteriorated videos and films with high end modern technology with a proven track record.

digimazic is a refined result of a decade long dedicated research and development with a team of Experienced Software Engineers, Natural Born Artists and Professional Graphic Designers.

The in-house developed and customized cutting edge software tools provide better image quality and colors very close to the original.

Our experienced restoration artists restore all kinds of defects on film material without affecting the original quality of the footage.

We provide outstanding restoration services by removing defects such as Dust & Dirt, Line Scratches, Flicker, Bump, Instability, Fungus, Stains, Gate Hair, Static Dust, Vertical Band and Single Frame Defects.

We work with pin point accuracy in each and every individual frame with at most care to give life to the entire film.

digimazic has a long and varied experience in the chosen specialty and well appreciated by the film fraternity.

These exceedingly high standards set at digimazic, made us the natural and first choice in the field of restoration and colorization.

With digimazic you are assured of High quality production.

A dependable, conscientious work ethic that delivers the best output with in the time frame.

Exceptional client service.

- Team DigiMazic